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Poise. Confidence. Focus

From my junior year of high school onward and throughout the rest of my playing career, I had the habit of taping my wrists and writing, in bold black marker, the letters “P, C, F” on the tape. Those letters stand for poised, confident, and focused. I first got the idea from my brother’s best friend, Jason Bamer, who went on to play football for the University of Hawaii, because he used to write stuff on his wrists. Jason lived right behind us throughout my childhood and even lived with us for a couple of years.

I always viewed him as a mentor. He might write sayings, his number, song lyrics on his wrist tape. I respected him and wanted to emulate him. Talking one evening after practice, we came up with the idea of PCF. It became my thing. Eventually, I put the acronym on the pockets of my letter jacket too. Frequently, if I found myself freaking out in a game or growing antsy on the sidelines while waiting to take the field, I’d look at my wrists, and seeing those letters would bring me back into control.

They continue to be words I try to achieve in every aspect of my life and principles I try to instill in the athletes and executives with whom I work. The idea behind them is a critical principle of the next one up belief system. The words have meaning and are larger than themselves.

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