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Connection: Choose Your Focus

As we all try to figure out and process how to move through these challenging times. I have noticed within myself and people around me, a sense of disconnect and distraction by external forces that are beyond our control.

These states of confusion and disconnect are great reminders to refocus back into the present and create opportunities to adopt better habits and increase personal/professional development. That's if you are willing to do uncomfortable things during uncomfortable times.

It's not easy to shut out distracting chatter and not get enrolled into people's fearful thinking and negative belief systems. However, I believe this is the time to reconnect with our purpose and the people that nurture and feed us.

As we are slowly transitioning back to playing our favorite sports and venturing back to our workplace environments, I am reminded of the importance of the word "connection" and its power to fuel the sense of purpose and drive.

Connection: The act of connecting : the state of being connected.

Right now in this very moment, you have a choice. You can choose to focus on your craft, to connect with your inner warrior, and to plug into friends, family, teammates, and/or coaches to connect with energy that feeds you and inspires you. Or you can choose to get emotionally and physically stuck by plugging into things that distract you and things over which you have no control.

Connecting starts with checking your energy, setting your intentions, and accessing your breath. It starts with "WIN"....What's Important Now? The time is now. Say hello to your most empowered self.

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